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Thoughts and Memories...

I met Darwin in 1948 in Fresno in his Summer School class at FSC [Fresno State College] and moved in with his family for the next year in Oakland where I helped with the household chores, meals and took care of Carol Sue and Ronnie while I attended my 1st yr. of Art School. Darwin was a great influence on my art career and I respected him immensely. I loved playing with and caring for the children as well as they were little sweethearts. I'll always hold my memories with the Musselman family in high regard.


Bill Secrest

I was a student of Mr. Musselman in highschool, then after a hitch in the Marine Corps and the Korean war I went back to College to find my old teacher had graduated to Fresno State.

He was truly a great man and never fully appreciated by me at the time because I never really had the patience to be a good artist. After college I went into the advertising art business with a local company during the period when Darwin was doing the same thing on the side. A few years later Mr. Musselman had me and some other of his art students over for lunch and we had a wonderful time.


Alisa Koch

I was an art student at Huntingdon College between 1991 and 1994. Darwin taught a portrait painting class at Leon Loard Gallery during that time. I was the model for the class. He gave me the demo when the class was over. I have always treasured the painting. I had it framed a couple of years ago and it hangs over my nightstand; it something I have loved for 20 years and will continue to love my whole life.

I am sorry to hear he has passed. I have enjoyed viewing the website of his works.


harold mason

Darwin Musselman

I was a student of Darwin Musselman at California State Univsersity Fresno in 1956, known then as Fresno State. He was most instrumental in my career as an artist and the teacher I have remember and valued the most throughout my life. I went on to graduate from the Art Center School of Design now in Pasadena, and have enjoyed a successful career. To this day, it is his advice that I have continued to value and respected the most.

Former Student

I was a student of Mr. Musselman in numerous classes at Ca. State Univ. Fresno during the early 70's. He was truly an outstanding instructor and gentleman. The class was always mesmerized by his skill and techniques that he so willingly shared with his students. I always have remembered him and was speaking to my husband about him last year. Then I found the web site which informed me of his passing just prior to that time. I was saddened to hear of the loss of this wonderful gentleman. His works will live on in form and in the memories of those who knew him.


Steve Gainer

Former Student

I live in Fresno, and attended Fresno State in the early 70s. I took 2 independent studies from Darwin, and all the classes he taught in the IT department at that time.

He was one of the brightest memories for me at that time because he was a strong task master inspiring me to always go beyond what I could do in drawing what I saw. I worked from plaster casts of heads, hands and the figure. He spent 6 hours a week with me and we became close during that time. I have very precious memories of him and his teaching.

I just retired from 40 years selling printing in the commercial printing industry in the Central Valley and the memories of Darwin have come back often during these last several months since I have started painting again.

Thanks for letting me share.


Steve Gainer.

Fresno State Graduate, 1973.

Special Thanks...

One of Darwin Musselman's childhood friends in Fresno was Gerald (Gerry) Gard (pictured above from an article in the Fresno Bee of 1935). With Darwin's mother's ill health, Gerry's mother Pearl was like a second mother to Darwin.

Recently, Gerry's daughter Linda Anderson reached out to Darwin's heirs, and offered to return a special painting back to the Musselman family. As it turns out, the painting is one of the earliest known works of Darwin Musselman's, a pastel still life study done while he was a student at Fresno High School in 1933, at the age of 17.

 Both Darwin and Gerry Gard passed in 2001. Thank you to Linda Gard Anderson for returning this special piece of history back to the Musselman family.

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