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At the time of the passing of Darwin Musselman, there remained several closely held and uncirculated original paintings, watercolors, lithographs and serigraphs which had been previously transferred to the Darwin and Ethel Musselman Exemption Trust. From time to time, those paintings are made available under private sale to interested collectors by the beneficiaries of that Trust: namely the three heirs of Darwin and Ethel Musselman.

Dr. Ronald Musselman - the eldest son - has created a complementary web site to post Musselman works of interest for possible sale from Ron's own private holdings:

His holdings (comprising approximately one third of the collection distribution) are fine examples of the development and evolution of Musselman's work and his California Style, which have been closely guarded in reserve until recently.

Inquiries to the direct heirs of Darwin Musselman can be initiated via e-mail:

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