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Recent Private Sales

Over the past few years, both investors and admirers of the work of Darwin Musselman have reached out to some of his heirs with the goal of acquiring some of his more classic pieces which had stayed within his private collection.

As a courtesy, here are a few such recent sales:

Havoc on 101, 22 x 36" Oil,1947

Sold to a collector in California in 2012 for $12,500

The Watermelon, 30 x 40" Oil, 1957

Sold to a collector in Florida in 2012 for $18,750

Pennsylvania Winter, 14 x 21" Watercolor, 1990

Sold to a collector in California in 2013 for $5,500

Blue Rocks and Stream, 40 x 50" Oil, 1965

Sold to a collector in California in 2011 for $12,000

From time to time, the heirs of Darwin Musselman will post on a separate page, selected works available for private sale. Ronald Musselman has established a separate site showing some of his available paintings from his own collection; that site is referenced and accessed in the "Available Paintings" page within this site. Specific inquiries are welcome.

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