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About the Artist:

Darwin Musselman

Welcome to one of the official family sites for California artist and educator Darwin B Musselman. Established by Musselman's youngest son Steven, this site will grow with items of interest of and to the artist through the years.

A sister (brother?) site hosted by Dr. Ronald Musselman can be found at

Darwin B Musselman (1916-2001), was born in Selma, California, and lived in Fresno during most of his childhood, graduating from Fresno High School, and Fresno State College. After completing his post graduate studies and early career opportunities, he returned to Fresno, and lived there from 1953 to 1987, Los Osos, CA from 1987 to 1995, and Lancaster, PA from 1995 to his death on June 28, 2001.

Critics, museum directors and collectors have long considered Musselman's paintings among the finest produced in the West. His paintings vary widely in style, but all have one common feature -- methodical composition.

Self Portrait - 1983

After Musselman became skilled in realistic painting and drawing, he developed his most identifiable style, similar to cubism and abstract realism.

His prominence in the art world in California in the mid-20th century, primarily through his abstract paintings, resulted in helping to define the "California Style."

About This Site:

This site has been posted as a courtesy to followers of Musselman's life and work by his youngest son Steven, who now lives in Massachusetts.

A form on the "Contact" page is available for inquiries. Your comments are invited on the "Memories" page.

"Steven" Egg Tempera, 1973

All Musselman images contained in this web site are copyright 2009-2017 and remain the property of the estate of Darwin Musselman as outlined in the terms of the Darwin and Ethel Musselman Exemption Trust. In publishing these images, no rights for further publication nor other use are granted or relinquished. 

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