Darwin Musselman - California Styles of the Artist and Educator
If you ever run across
Musselman's work, grab it!  
In her 2005 work "Deadly Collection", noted San Francisco antiques dealer and mystery-book writer Elaine Flinn writes:
The artists mentioned in Deadly Collection - Joe Tanous, Richard Morgan, Darwin Musselman and Don Clausen - are the real thing, and if you ever run across their work, grab it!
Welcome to the Hotel Californian...
1936 Yuletide music featuring baritone Darwin Musselman:
Photo Trivia:
Picture Trivia
What's the significance of the Tower Theater to Darwin?
Newest Local Cinema close to home
Darwin lead church services in the 50's
Ethel worked there in the box office
All of the above
Santa Cruz, California - on the coast due west of Fresno - was the home of Musselman's mother-in-law: Laura (Brodeur) Walker. Several paintings and watercolors were executed en plein aire near the Twin Lakes region abode.
Santa Cruz Pier, 1953   
Photographic Memories...
The (Old) Fresno State College - where Darwin did his under-graduate work, and began teaching before moving to the new campus on Shaw Avenue near Clovis.
Darwin's old home from 1953 - 1956 is still located across from (now) Fresno City College, on the corner of N. Poplar Ave. at E. McKinley.
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